Why Labor For Hire is More Than Just a Temp Agency

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Why Labor For Hire is Right For Your Needs

When you must fill skilled labor jobs, you need more than just a temp agency in Florida.

For construction jobs, plumbing, welding, and other trades, you need to trust new hires with equipment, responsibilities, and the safety of your crew. Labor for Hire doesn’t simply pair your company up with someone who looks fine on paper: we vet candidates thoroughly, check references meticulously, and ensure temporary workers have all the requisite training, licenses, and eligibility they need to hit the ground running.

 When you need more than just temporary employees, opt for the provider that’s more than just a temp agency.

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There's a difference between a temp agency that fills office jobs and one that fills skilled labor jobs. It doesn't mean the office job doesn't take qualifications, experience, and hard work, but these jobs do not typically put people at risk of physical harm. No one’s life is at stake if an office worker doesn’t know how to operate the copy machine; when a construction worker doesn’t know how to properly work the backhoe or wire a system… whole different story.

Busy companies and contractors don't have time to sit all day at a job fair, or to leaf through hundreds of applicants and find the dozen that are best qualified. They don't have time for dozens of interviews and background checks.

A skilled labor temp agency in Florida can take on these functions for you. Even if you do have an HR department, we can ensure hiring is more efficient and effective.  Labor for Hire focuses on the skilled labor industries that build and maintain the infrastructure of Florida.

Human Resources as a Service?

That's infrastructure that people depend on to live, work, and travel. It enables our daily lives to function. In the wake of natural disasters, it puts cities back together. You're putting people's lives back together and building the places that will keep our economy going. You deserve to have help doing that, and to have the burden of hiring taken on by someone else.

Another way to think of what we do is human resources as a service. When it comes to construction, water networks, electrical, mechanical, and related industries, it's not just your crew's safety and your business's reputation at risk. It's also the safety of the people who will use what you build for years to come. That comes with a burden and responsibility, so you need to be able to have the best potential employees accessible to you. Rely on us to find people who take pride in their work and who will drive your business forward.

A History with the Community

We're coming up on our 20th anniversary of providing skilled temporary labor. Vern Vokus founded Labor for Hire in 1998 as a way to help laborers find businesses that needed their talents. We like to develop relationships on both ends – with employers and with employees.

We're part of the communities that we serve across Florida: West Palm Beach, Lake Worth, Delray Beach, Boynton Beach, Hollywood, Pompano, Miami, Miami Gardens, Tampa, Orlando, Naples, and our most recent staffing area in Jacksonville. A lot of these places have been hit hard recently. We feel it, and our employees feel it. When we help employees find businesses that are looking for them, we're helping rebuild communities.


We specialize in skilled labor, where ready access to employees with expertise gives businesses the ability to expand and take on extra contracts. This allows businesses to adapt and flex depending on seasons, current events, and other factors.

Semi-skilled labor is another specialty. After all, carpenters need assistants, electricians and plumbers need helpers, maintenance crews need staff, and so much more. These are opportunities for laborers to grow their experience and find valuable potential apprenticeships. It's also the backbone of businesses being able to find needed help when they take on fresh contracts. Semi-skilled laborers are often on a path to certifications and qualifications that allow them to step into being skilled laborers later in life.

Finally, we don't skip over unskilled laborers. Everyone starts somewhere, and unskilled laborers are the foundation of many businesses Whether it's cleanup, digging, loading and unloading, stocking, or a number of other jobs that fall under the unskilled classification, these are the positions that offer people entry-level work. This gives you the hands you need, while empowering them to gain experience.

Given the “war for talent,” especially for skilled tradespeople, it is essential that you hire the best and brightest. Labor for Hire connects you with the people who will power your business forward. We go beyond resumes; we treat your business like it’s our own, and we do not staff people we wouldn’t hire ourselves. Go beyond “just.” Opt for the best talent sourcing solution in South Florida.

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