How to Use References to Get Ahead

How to Use References to Get Ahead

By | April 13th , 2016

Being in the temporary labor workforce, you're no stranger to jumping from work site to work site. Most temporary employees have numerous jobs that they're apart of. In order to get a head in this industry, use that employer variety to your advantage. As you finish each of your temp labor jobs, get a reference letter!

Employers Don't Mind

Some people may be a little shy and feel uncomfortable asking their boss for a reference letter. But trust us when we say don't be! First of all, employers love to see employees, both current and previous, take initiative to ask for what they want. They won't just hand you one and they probably don't even realize you'd like one. So take it upon yourself and ask them to write you a short paragraph describing your duties at their workplace and how you handled them.

Second of all, seeing you eager to go on the next temporary labor job just might make them want to scoop you back up for their next project.

They WILL Tell the Truth

Your employer will be honest in the reference letter, so make sure you were up to par for the job before asking for one. This should really encourage you to work hard on each job site. Knowing the boss is going to tell other employers how you did on his job site should really light a fire in your work.

Save them for the Next Job

As you continue to work on different job sites for different employers, keep track of your letters and start collecting them. This way, as you go on interviews or meetings for future job openings, you can bring those reference letters as proof that you kicked-butt on your previous jobs.

As long as you're always professional and have a strong work ethic, you're bound to start collecting a bunch of reference letters that give future employers more reasons to hire you!