Orlando Prepares for Construction BOOM!

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Orlando Prepares for Construction BOOM!

Are you looking for labor work in the Orlando or Central Florida area? If so, then we have some good news! According to the Orlando Sentinel, the construction industry is about to have a huge boom.

This extra push is largely thanks to the hotel industry. In recent years, most cities have to tone down the hospitality industry due to a rather unpredictable economy. The hotels and resorts have been trying to stay in a 100-150 room capacity. Orlando hasn’t completely dodged the trend, planning and developing about a half a dozen small to mid-size hotels. However, over the next three years, it’s confirmed that three hotels will come to town, ranging anywhere from 400-600 rooms each.

Labor Jobs in Orlando

We see this as a huge opportunity to take advantage of the construction incline and help our laborers get in on some action. Whether you’re a painting and drywall pro, a skilled carpenter and craftsman, or just an over all knowledgeable construction worker, we have the connections and resources to help you land a lucrative temporary labor job!