Tips for Finding Carpentry Jobs During The Holiday Season

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Tips for Finding Carpentry Jobs

In the trades, work ebbs and flows. After a typically busy summer and fall, carpentry jobs tend to ebb more than flow around the holidays. Not the most opportune time! So how can you turn the tides and find carpentry jobs & work this season?


  1. Get started early. Plan ahead by getting applications in ahead of the rush. This will put you on people’'s radars when fewer applicants are looking for work. If you wait until right up against the holidays, not only will more people be applying, but employers will be enjoying the holidays themselves – meaning they'll spend less time looking.


  1. Sign up with a temporary staff agency. They'll do a lot of the legwork for you in finding carpentry jobs. This means two things. First, your own application process gets a boost as staffing agents seek out employment for you. Second, you can take a breather and spend time with your family. Looking for work is a full-time job. Letting a staffing agency help means that your resume is still getting out there if you need something every full time job offers: a few breaks.


  1. Update your resume. Make sure everything's current, and stress carpentry jobs, especially recent ones. Consider changing its style to stand out (within reason). You can ask a temporary staff agency for advice on setting your resume apart as well.


  1. Research companies you'd like to work for. Proactively call them to inquire about positions. Even if they have no jobs available now, hopefully you’ll make a mark and they’ll remember you.


  1. Ask around. If you've worked carpentry jobs, you've got connections, co-workers, former bosses. They all know you and the work you can do. Ask them if they're looking. Some might know a fit that's perfect for you, but they've worked with dozens or hundreds of others in their careers. They won't think of you for that position unless you call them and ask.


Need more help? Give Labor for Hire a call. We may not have a white Christmas here in Florida, but we can help you make some green!