Where Can I Get AHCA Background Screening for My Business?

Where Can I Get AHCA Background Screening for My Business?

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The healthcare industry is moving at a faster-than-ever pace these days, but in the world of healthcare, there are lots of regulations that must be followed, particularly when it comes to staffing your facility. Professionals within the industry not only need to be well-trained, but they need to be capable of offering better quality care to all of your patients. AHCA background screening is an absolute must. They can help you evaluate an applicant's history and credentials to ensure they’ll be a good fit for your facility.

In Florida, the Agency for Healthcare Administration - or AHCA - oversees the background checks. All Level 2 checks must be submitted through the AHCA if you participate in the Florida Medicaid program. Both AHCA background screenings and DCF background screenings, though, must be handled through an approved provider, though. It’s not something you can tackle on your own. Which new hires do you have to screen? And where can you get the easiest AHCA background screenings to simplify your hiring process? Let’s find out.

Who Must Be Screened?

Many different kinds of employees must submit to an AHCA background check. Naturally, it includes all of your administrative personnel and your financial team, but it also applies to any employees or contractors who provide services to your clients. It also means any employees who have access to client property within your facility.

Does My Facility Count as a Health Care Facility?

If you work in the healthcare industry at all, there’s a good chance that your organization is classified as a healthcare facility. Naturally, spaces like clinics and hospitals count, but so do providers who offer special needs sitters and elderly companions. Organ procurement organizations fit within this category too, as do mental health crisis stabilization units. Even transitional living facilities fit under this umbrella. Not sure if your organization must have Level 2 checks for your employees? See a complete list on the AHCA website.

The Process

Having an AHCA background check can be fairly complex for potential new hires. You will need to ensure that they are fingerprinted and have their photo taken. Additionally, you will need to complete a Level 2 Background Check request on the AHCA portal and the new hire must register with the portal. Then they’ll need the registration confirmation email along with current ID requirements. Eventually, the application will be processed and you will gain access to the results.

For many companies, the process is nothing short of overwhelming, and if your applicant doesn’t understand the requirements, it’s possible that the background check could be delayed and the position remains unfilled.

Simplify AHCA Background Checks with Labor for Hire

We can help you avoid all of the hassles of AHCA background checks. Once we become your background check partner, we’ll take care of absolutely everything. As a staffing agency, we contact your potential new hires and walk them through the process. Once we get the data back from the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, we’ll contact you immediately with the results so you can move forward quickly.

Making sense of AHCA background checks doesn’t have to be complicated when you work with Labor for Hire. Reach out to learn more about our background check services today.