Common Resume Mistakes to Avoid

Common Resume Mistakes to Avoid

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Many people rush resumes when working with a temporary labor agency, even when it's for skilled labor jobs. But this is your chance to make a great first impression. A staffing agency can get this resume before dozens of jobs, which means any mistakes can be costly. For many labor employers, care in a resume speaks to care on the job. Avoid these common mistakes:


This is one of the easiest mistakes to solve. A potential employer needs to know you'll make good use of the tools on hand. If you don't care enough to use the spell check, they'll worry you might not care about everyday equipment and safety checklists as well.


The grammar mistakes a person makes are often invisible to that person. They'll be more obvious to someone else. When someone makes grammar mistakes in a resume, it speaks to not asking for help. This can carry over negatively to a potential job, and might make employers look elsewhere.

False Claims

This is a more intentional one. If you make false claims about your work history or achievements, your resume won't be considered. A temporary labor agency can open many skilled labor jobs to you, but we will check even more thoroughly than many businesses. This includes work history and references.

Avoiding Accomplishments

That said, share your achievements. Don't be shy. When we forward the best candidates to a business, they'll often have equivalent skills and experience. This makes the candidate who has gone the extra mile to accomplish something stand out.

One Standard Resume

If you have qualifications and talents that fall into different job categories, give us separate resumes for each category. For instance, if you're an electrical specialist trained as an HVAC electrician, you may be qualified to apply for electrician jobs and HVAC jobs. In this case, having two resume versions can help you apply to each field.

One version highlights your electrician experience; the other highlights your HVAC electrician experience. They contain the same information, but present it differently to appeal to two different positions.

We can help you with these and other resume questions. We can help you tailor your resume and open the door on skilled labor jobs you didn't know where out there.

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