What Is Considered a Contingent Worker?

What Is Considered a Contingent Worker?

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Contingent workers are those you bring in as-needed. They're not permanent employees. Contractors use them when they hire additional laborers for expanded jobs. The construction industry relies on them during the seasons that see more projects underway. Similarly, taking on an accelerated schedule for a quick turnaround means hiring these valuable workers. The best way to find them is through contingent staffing services.

The Advantages of Contingent Workers

There are a number of benefits to using contingent workers. Expanding seasonally means that you need more staff. The additional staff you need aren't permanent, so it's difficult to hire them as if they are. There are administrative elements to hiring permanent workers – involving benefits and payroll costs – that aren't involved when hiring contingent workers.

When that seasonality ends and the work slows down, fewer people are needed. Everyone understands this starting out. The extra manpower was a temporary expansion to get more work done. When contracts end with contingent workers, you decrease the scale of your expenses without firing anybody or creating needless administrative or legal complications. You still have your permanent core of employees, and you still have the ability to hire contingent workers when it comes time to expand again next year.

What Can Contingent Staffing Services Do?

The smoothest way to approach this is by working with contingent staffing services. This takes the administrative element of this off your plate, allowing you to focus on implementing these workers right away. Staffing services will also be able to pull from a larger pool of contingent workers. This creates better fits for your business when it comes to personality, effort, and attitude.

Beyond this, staffing services are able to help workers find and maintain certification. This means that someone is doing the work of getting you the best, most qualified workers without you having to do all the managerial legwork for it. Contingent staffing solutions handle workers from the bottom to the top, helping you fill out unskilled labor needs and skilled trades positions alike.

They can draw from the full geographic range in a thorough way. Most construction businesses dream of access to an HR-solution like this, but lack it in-house. This is why labor and skilled trades staffing services are so valuable to the industry. They provide a service with no up-front cost, and only get paid as you pay the worker for work they've accomplished.

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