High Paying In-Demand Labor Jobs

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What Are Some High Paying In-Demand Labor Jobs

While opportunities abound now, we expect to see a boom in-demand labor jobs & especially skilled jobs in the coming years. The average age of skilled laborers is also increasing, meaning that folks will soon be retiring and leaving openings for younger people who are just now coming up in their industries.

If you’re in the trades, now is the time to update your resume, get in touch with a temp company that can help you get your foot in the door, and stay alert to the opportunities that are becoming available.

Especially after this storm season, there will be an increase in temp jobs in West Palm Beach and all over Florida. This work will be oriented around construction primarily. We expect the skilled labor jobs increase to last a while. Infrastructure isn't cleaned up and rebuilt overnight. Here are a few jobs that we know will be in demand:


Mason: These professionals work with many materials to create walls, buildings, and even industrial applications that endure for years. These can be concrete, cinderblock, tile, marble, and of course brick, among other materials. The median salary is $45,000+ and the best mode of entry rests in apprenticeship programs. Working with an established business on a contract by contract basis is a good path to accepting contracts of your own down the road.


Plumber: Plumbers are essential, and well-paid. While most of us are familiar with the pros who come in and work on our toilets, sinks, etc., they also install and implement water supply networks for homes and buildings, literally from the ground up. The median salary is $40,000+. It's important to realize just how in-demand these jobs will be as water systems are built with lessons learned from the latest hurricanes in mind.


Construction: Construction jobs should see a big peak, and these are some of the most available temp jobs in West Palm Beach. Working with a company can get your foot in the door and open up more work later on. The median salary here is $32,000+, but experienced workers can see that range up to $61,000.


What type of work are you looking for? Labor for Hire will help you find it with Unskilled and Skilled Labor positions throughout Florida.