Need a Job? Here's Where to Look in Florida

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Many industries in Florida suffered tremendous hits when non essential businesses were forced to close as a measure to protect the public from the deadly pandemic that continues to sweep the globe. Floridians looking for income and trying to get back out into the workforce understand first hand how devastating the Coronavirus has been for Florida’s economy. People are feeling the effects of companies laying off employees en masse and, while companies often receive help from the federal government in times like these, little to no relief for individual workers and their families is available.

Need a Job Now?

The construction industry in Florida has carried on as construction, commercial and otherwise, has been deemed essential. For many laborers who need a job now, the construction industry in Florida is the first place to look.

Hiring During the Pandemic

If you are offered a job, you will most likely be screened for COVID-19. It’s not a federal or state mandate for companies to screen applicants, but many companies are taking the precaution, given the highly transmissible and somewhat mysterious nature of the novel Coronavirus. As an applicant or employee, you will likely have your temperature taken, as a fever is a common symptom. If you have symptoms consistent with COVID-19 you may be denied work or have a job offer revoked. 

The demand for the construction industry in Florida to carry on and even expand could be a blessing for workers who need a job now. Many companies report that demand has not slowed down, and that they are looking to expand and hire more employees immediately. Construction work can be lucrative and stable. Proof of that can be seen in the high demand for construction, even during a global pandemic the likes of which we have not experienced in our lifetimes. 

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