What Does It Mean to be OSHA Certified?

What Does It Mean to be OSHA Certified?

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Having OSHA certified workers is a must. OSHA is the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. An Agency of the Department of Labor, it helps keep workers and workplaces safe. This in turn helps to decrease workplace injuries and accidents, and prevent liability. Worker training is necessary to mitigate their risk - and yours.

OSHA Worker Compliance

Each employer must ensure that its staff complies with all applicable OSHA regulations. The certificate is issued by an employer or an OSHA certified safety training provider. This makes sure that a variety of standards are met accurately and completely.

Not meeting these standards is extremely dangerous to a business and its employees. You do not want to put your employees at risk through slack training. First of all, employees should be kept safe and OSHA regulations help to do this. Secondly, failing to meet these standards risks severe exposure to liability as well as hefty fines, not to mention lost productivity and the damage to public relations.

OSHA Training for Temporary Labor

When you hire temporary labor, this shouldn't get complicated. You shouldn't be in a position where you constantly have to make sure your new labor is OSHA certified. That's exactly why a temporary labor agency like Labor for Hire makes sure worker training is supplied for the job at hand. This training is administered by an independent, OSHA certified training service.

This way, you can always rely on bringing in new labor swiftly in a way that's safe for your business and for your other workers. OSHA certification is already handled for you so that you don't have to scramble to find and hire a training service. This is the simplest way to handle this type of worker training for temporary labor, and it takes one more thing off your plate so that you don't have to worry about it.

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