Plumbers Needed: Why Plumbers Are So In Demand

Plumbers Needed: Why Plumbers Are So In Demand

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When adults ask kids what they want to be when they grow up, there are a few standard answers: doctor, firefighter, police officer, astronaut, ballet dancer, pro athlete, Superman. What child says, “plumber”? Unfortunately, as children mature, they aren’t guided towards the skilled trades; the focus is on college and four-year degrees for all. 

This is not the right path for everyone, and students miss out on information, exposure, and encouragement to enter into stable, highly lucrative, rewarding work. The reality is that plumbers are in demand, and it is a perfect time to hone your skills, build experience, and take your career to the next level.

plumbers in demand

Plumbers In Demand

To say that plumbers are in demand is an understatement! According to the National Association of Home Builders, there is a 55% shortage of plumbers available for work. At the same time, job growth is projected to climb to 14% over the next decade. 

Contractors and even homeowners are having a tough time finding a skilled professional to handle commercial and residential needs - at least not without a long wait.

The shortage has been especially dire post-pandemic; the demand for home improvement professionals has skyrocketed, and again, people are scrambling to find pros to install, maintain, repair, and inspect water, gas, and other piping systems.

Why are plumbers in such short supply? We mentioned one of the factors above: children and youth are not encouraged to pursue the trades. The party line from schools, teachers, and parents has long been, “Go to college; it’s the only way you’ll be successful.” 

Fast-forward a few years later and grads have their degree - and an average of $36,000 in student debt. And nearly 40% of them are not even using their degrees in their current profession.

Another factor in the plumber shortage is the “greying” of the profession. Plumbers are retiring in droves, and there are fewer and fewer younger people there to step into their roles. 

Here are some reasons why you may want to be one of the talented tradesmen who help fill the gap:

  • Folks in the skilled trades typically graduate in 18-24 months with an average debt load of just $10,000. Some carry no debt at all because they entered into job training programs, internships, or apprenticeships that paid for their education. Even if they are paying off student loans, they can do so faster. Not only is the amount far less, but they can also get into the workplace much faster than someone going for a four-year degree.
  • People training to be plumbers can get to work immediately. For example, you can start as a helper or assistant with no experience. You will earn money while gaining invaluable on-the-job experience and working towards licensure. 
  • You can make big bucks. The bottom line: being a plumber is great for your bottom line. This is a career with exceptional earning potential and advancement opportunities. People often think that skilled trades jobs are a “dead end.” Well… people are flat-out wrong. Not only can you make a great living, but you can also hone the skills and make the contacts you need to set up shop for yourself one day. 
  • It’s just a great career. Another misconception about plumbing: it’s dirty. Ok, yes, some jobs are less pleasant than others! But there are many aspects of plumbing, and much of it demands critical thinking skills, problem-solving skills, people and communication skills…. It is challenging, and every day brings new opportunities to develop skills. It’s not just unclogging toilets (though that can be part of it). Plumbing can encompass everything from installing boilers to inspecting homes and public buildings to backflow testing and prevention. You are helping people in a very real way with each and every job.

How Do You Get Started?

Plumbers are in demand. This is the optimal time to further your career, make good money, and perform meaningful, rewarding work. How do you get started? With a plumber staffing service. We will connect you with the right jobs, based on your experience, preferences, and goals. 

Your safety is our top priority, and we equip you with all applicable OSHA training at no charge to you, as well as comprehensive job orientation. Wages and benefits are competitive, and opportunities to develop your skills are present on every project. 

We specialize in placing licensed plumbers, and we also work with plumber's helpers. If you want to pursue this career and need a way to break in, this is it. You will benefit from relevant training and on-the-job experience that prepares you for the next steps towards your license. Skilled and semi-skilled talent is highly sought-after in today’s market.

Labor for Hire, a top Florida plumber staffing service, is committed to helping current and aspiring tradespeople carve out a path to a rewarding, well-paid career. Start now. You are in demand!