How Do I Find Reliable Commercial Electricians?

How Do I Find Reliable Commercial Electricians?

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Demand is booming; your books are filling up...and overflowing. But how many jobs have you had to turn down because you did not have the people to make it work? How many opportunities have you had to let go? Skilled tradespeople are in short supply, and it is these professionals you need in order to accept and complete projects in the commercial world - and to grow your business. How do you approach staffing for electricians in a way that is effective, efficient, and geared towards driving your company forward?

Effective Staffing for Electricians

Staffing for Electricians

You need professionals with the experience, training/education, licensure, and certification necessary to hit the ground running with projects you have on the books - and those you hope to book. But where are they? Given the current shortage of skilled and semi-skilled tradespeople, you may ask, “Where are they hiding?” 

Here are five tips to help you find Commercial Electricians:

  1. Focus on Marketing Yourself as an Employer of Choice. Job interviews of the past looked very different than they do today. Instead of asking, “Why should we hire you,” candidates are asking, “Why should I work for you?” It’s a fundamental shift for which your business needs to be prepared. This is especially true when it comes to staffing for electricians: they are in demand. You know this. They know this. Now is the time to demonstrate that you are an employer of choice. 


Look at your marketing strategies, including digital platforms. Are you accessible? Do you deliver a professional image? What do customers say about you? What about current or former employees? Everything from the ease of navigating your website to online reviews and testimonials. 

Think about your differentiators. What makes you unique, special, and, let’s just say it, better, than other companies who are fishing in the same talent pool? Whether it is a training-and safety-based work environment, great wages, and/or excellent benefits, these are the factors that will help you win over qualified electricians. Think about your differentiators - and then spread the word about them.


  1. Ask Your Team. If you have a solid team, it can be a great source of referrals. Ask them if they have former coworkers or classmates or current connections that are looking for new opportunities at a great company. You might also consider incentivizing the process. For example, you may offer a bonus (whether monetary or in the form of a few extra vacation days) for leads on qualified candidates. Leverage your current team to build your future team.


  1. Clarify Your Job Descriptions. Let’s go back to the beginning. Make sure your job descriptions are clear and concise. They should detail the expectations and requirements, as well as the benefits of working with your company. This is another opportunity to highlight your differentiators and position yourself as an employer of choice.  Post job descriptions on online forums, such as LinkedIn, Snagajob, ZipRecruiter, Facebook, etc., as well as job boards. It’s also helpful to host or attend job fairs in your area.


  1. Think Long-Term. You need qualified electricians now. But it is also important to think long-term and build a strong pipeline of talent that will take your business into the next years with a stronger footing. For this reason, you may want to consider creating attractive training programs for electrician helpers. You can hire motivated people with less experience and training with the intention of developing them into top-notch electricians. Reach out to trade schools, and even high schools, to tap into young talent.

It is also important to look into demographics that are traditionally overlooked when it comes to the trades. Women, for instance, are underrepresented in the field and have the potential to completely revolutionize your workforce. Look at college grads as well: many who earned (and are still struggling to pay for) a four-year degree are unhappy with their current career path. We’re seeing more of those folks turning to the trades.

  1. Get Help. You do not have to fight the battle for qualified commercial professionals on your own. An electrician staffing service can function as your own human resource department. This is especially helpful for businesses and contractors that are smaller. The service tackles the challenging work of sourcing electricians (and electricians’ helpers), vetting them, interviewing them, onboarding them, and hiring them. These workers are ready to get to work from day one, saving you significant time and money. 

Labor for Hire specializes in finding the perfect fit for your business. With a deep and wide talent pool of skilled and semi-skilled tradespeople, we can fill in gaps that are costing you money (and not a little aggravation and stress). 

With a reputable, reliable electrician staffing service on your side, you can win the war for talent and ensure your business thrives now and in the future. Contact Labor for Hire today to learn more.