4 Ways to Solve Your Skilled Labor Shortage

4 Ways to Solve Your Skilled Labor Shortage

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Need to hire skilled workers? You’re not alone - which means you may be struggling to compete with other employers for the same pool of talent. A streamlined, efficient search-and-hire process is a must. Here are four tips to help get you started.

1. Leverage the Reach of a Skilled Labor Staffing Agency

A skilled labor staffing agency will have an incredible number of qualified candidates in its pipeline. This is particularly useful when you have to hire skilled workers seasonally and grow your workforce using temporary labor.

Top staffing agencies also incorporate additional training, so candidates are ready to hit the ground running. At Skilled Resources, we focus on supplying talent pools of qualified candidates to businesses. This means we can serve many of the roles an in-house staffing department would serve.

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2. Get Social in Your Search

Having a social media presence is important. It allows people to follow and interact with your business and its brand. It's one of the easiest ways for interested workers to communicate with you and to keep track of any openings you post. Unions and trade schools also will be happy to share on their social media accounts, websites and forums any openings you post. Unions and trade schools are interested in making sure their members and students get jobs, too.

3. Ask for Employee Referrals

One of the easiest ways to hire skilled workers is through referrals. Employees create networks of contacts to help find jobs. They're pleased when employers are interested in utilizing these networks. It means the employer finds value in that employee, and those contacts who get interviews (or jobs) will find value, too. You also can incentivize workers to recommend quality candidates.

A word of warning: Don't lower your standards just because an employee you trust recommends someone. Treat each referral the same as any other candidate in the hiring process. If the person truly is worth the recommendation, he or she will pass the hiring process with flying colors.

4. Hit Job Fairs

There are many job fairs that businesses within related industries hold to attract candidates. Potential employees can speak to several businesses in a day or two. These job fairs are useful to you because you can speak with countless candidates in one location. It helps consolidate a lot of the busiest work for employers and job seekers alike.

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