Skilled Staffing Solutions: Using a Construction Staffing Agency Helps Fill Positions Quickly

Skilled Staffing Solutions: Using a Construction Staffing Agency Helps Fill Positions Quickly

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A November report from the Home Builder Institute uncovered a staggering demand for construction staff. The report found that the industry requires two million more workers over the next three years to keep up with the construction boom in the United States. As surprising as the statistic is, it’s not news for the thousands of construction companies working to fill positions that have been empty for months. 

Instead, it’s just another sign of a potentially frustrating year ahead. Fortunately, there is a fairly simple solution to help companies fill those empty positions - retain the help of a Florida construction staffing agency. Not sure how that can help? Take a look at the benefits of working with a staffing agency that specializes in skilled labor like construction professionals. 

Add Time to Your Schedule

Construction companies like yours do one thing best - create. Because you’re so busy creating, though, you may not have time for the extensive process that is often hiring a new employee. 

After all, it means finding the time to list in all of the right places, reading resumes, then working your way through the interview process for every single candidate. Working with a skilled staffing agency, though, gives you immediate access to talent, and you don’t have to do anything to get the right people on the job quickly. 

Simplify Onboarding

Even if you’re willing to undertake the search for a new employee, once you hire them, you have the entire onboarding process to complete before they can actually report to the job site. Working with a construction staffing agency, though, means that you have someone else to handle the paperwork and the tax material, as well as everything that’s needed for workers’ compensation and even safety training. Imagine how much more you could get done if every new employee who showed up on your job site came ready to work immediately. 

Eliminate the Risk

Unfortunately, not all new employees produce the quality of work you need on a job site. That poor hiring decision could prove expensive to your company. Working with a construction staffing agency, though, significant changes that equation. You have the ability to test someone’s skills and make sure they fit with your team over the short term before you actually commit to hiring them in the long run. 

It’s a bit like a hands-on, extended job interview. You get a clear look at the possibilities with every potential employee, which gives you the ability to make those smarter staffing choices. The right people mean the rest of your team has the ability to be more productive and focus on the job at hand instead of worrying about what that new hire might be doing. 

It also means serious financial savings, as you don’t have to take a risk with salaries and benefits when you’re not entirely sure the team member is who might work with you for the long term. 

Create Seasonal Flexibility

If your company is like most, you have some seriously busy seasons and times when things are a bit slower. Working with a team that specializes in skilled staffing solutions means access to talent who can fill out your team during your busiest time without the risk that you’ll eventually have to lay someone off when the season gets a bit leaner. 

Construction staffing companies specialize in providing short-term employees so you don’t have to overwork your current staff but you have the manpower to deal with a seasonal surge. 

The construction boom in South Florida isn’t going to disappear anytime soon. Instead, many organizations have a projected increase of more than 5% coming in the next few years, and that will only mean you need a larger workforce than you ever have before. 

If you want to pursue future opportunities, the time to find a new solution for the way you hire employees is right now. Working with a construction staffing agency means a much higher level of flexibility for your company. Every single team member we deliver will bring a specific skill set to your company, and that may be sorely needed now and well into the future. If the team member we provide offers you exactly what you want, you can eventually transition to full-time. If things slow down, though, you can be certain that your business has the flexibility it needs to slow down too. 

Construction staffing agencies like ours were created to support you as you work to find the new staff on your job sites. Learn more about how we can help you manage the financial and time-consuming process of finding the next new staff member. From general laborers to skilled professionals, we’re ready to help you connect with the best tradesmen in South Florida. Learn more when you contact us today.