Why Hire Women in Skilled Trades

Why Hire Women in Skilled Trades

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There is a significant labor shortage in the construction and skilled trades industries. It's estimated that 7 of 10 employers have a hard time finding talent. By accepting and encouraging women in trades, that labor shortage can be eased and maybe even solved. But there are additional  benefits to hiring women in construction:

Women Are as Capable as Men

Some employers still see women as less capable. That's simply untrue. Women excel in skilled trades. Think of it this way. Setting aside it being illegal, if you only hired men you'd only be seeking workers from part of the full talent pool. When you hire from a limited pool, you're more likely to settle for hiring workers who aren't the best fits or who aren't as qualified as you'd like.

By expanding the talent pool to include women, you expand the number of potential hires who are excellent choices. Limiting your hires only limits your business.

Expanding Viewpoints

Chances are, some of your clients are women. Some miscommunications are gender-based. By employing women in trades, you increase the range of experiences and perspectives you can call upon when communicating with clients.

Better Innovation

Expanding the pool of skilled workers from which you hire means that you'll get better innovation and efficiency. Beyond this, having more diverse perspectives will allow employers to field a wider range of potential solutions to obstacles they encounter. Innovation comes from diverse thinking that's willing to consider many different approaches.

Following the Law

Because it was so hard for women to break into so many industries, it's federal law that you make good faith efforts in hiring women. Having a diverse employee base helps you fulfill federal law.

Women Are Team Players

Not all women will think the same, but many are collaborative. Men are taught to compete with each other, which can make it difficult for some to work well in team-based environments. When you bring a few team players on board, that attitude quickly spreads. You can find yourself with a more efficient workforce that communicates better and has less stress, conflict, and delay.

Women in trades are a valuable asset. The idea of hiring women in construction isn't just wise and fair. It can also improve customer satisfaction, your ability to overcome obstacles and delays, and help your crew work more efficiently together.

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