5 Tips for Hiring Skilled Construction Workers for Your Business

5 Tips for Hiring Skilled Construction Workers for Your Business

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Looking to hire construction workers? You’re not the only one. Florida has been in the top 3 states of employment growth for the construction industry for the past three years, and finding qualified construction workers for hire can be daunting, as the industry faces various challenges such as new employment laws, fierce competition among employers, and the need for specialized skills.

The demand for qualified construction workers construction workers in Florida continues to intensify, so how can you find the right people for the job? These five tips can help.

#1 - Take a Closer Look at Your Job Posting

When you post a job for your company, what do you say? Does a potential candidate have all of the information they need to decide whether to apply?

Taking a hard look at your job posting can actually help you filter and attract skilled construction workers. If you’re just advertising for general laborers, but you could actually use help from masonry or electrical professionals, make it clear within the job listings. Skilled professionals tend to look for roles where they can use their training. 

Alternatively, if you’re not listing your compensation rates or benefits, you may be turning qualified workers away. Include what a skilled laborer can make working for you, as well as the benefits your company provides if you want to attract construction workers for hire.

If your company offers unique benefits like scheduling flexibility, training and certifications, or other company-specific perks, include them in the listing! By doing this, you will attract workers that align with your company needs and expectations.

#2 - Advertise in the Right Places

Where are you advertising your job openings? Indeed? Your website? Using a combination of general job boards, like Indeed, and specific jobs boards, like the one on Labor For Hire, will increase your chances of ad exposure and help find the right candidate faster than limiting to one source.

First, focus on specialized job boards and industry-related resources, like Labor For Hire, that serve construction industry professionals. Using industry-specific sites and resources will help filter construction workers for hire based on skills, experience, and interests. Using generalized job boards will attract candidates that aren't familiar with specific sites, so maximize your exposure by using both types of job boards.

Word of mouth and referral bonuses are other successful ways to advertise your job openings. Word-of-mouth marketing is a realistic reflection about the company or candidate because these conversations happen candidly, authentically, and organically. Referral programs will encourage word-of-mouth conversations because it holds value for all three parties: the company, the employer, and the candidate. 

Referral bonus programs will also help form a pipeline of future candidates. A pipeline of future candidates can help you hire immediately or be prepared to hire construction workers when more listings are available. 

Don’t have a referral program yet? Start by surveying your employees to see what they value most.

#3 - Create a Web Presence

Not sure if you need a website or social media channels? Think again. Adding a careers page to your site and posting opportunities through your social media channels will help more people learn about your business, similarly to generalized job boards.

In the U.S., there are nearly 300 million social network users, which translates to 75% of the population today. Advertising your job through your social media channels and on your website is going to help you reach more people than you ever thought possible, and many of them could turn into your best hires. 

#4 - Offer a Pathway to Skilled Jobs

Companies that offer training, certifications, and on-going education will see higher application rates and qualified candidates because they’re able to provide continual growth for personal and professional goals. Similarly, companies that offer on-going education for current employees will have higher employee retention rate because education and experience is invaluable to career growth.

Apprenticeship opportunities are a great option to blend on-going education for current employees with pathways to skill sets for new hires. If you have a great worker who just hasn’t yet acquired the skills they need to do the job, consider in-house apprenticeships or partner with an existing apprenticeship program to promote personal and professional growth. Apprenticeships can also be used for a long-term business strategy because you are essentially developing your ideal candidate.

#5 - Work with a Temp Agency That Hire Constructions Workers

Temporary staffing agencies, like Labor For Hire, offer services beyond simple match-making. Labor For Hire can fulfill short-term and long-term employment goals by attracting the right construction workers for hire to the right business with their services:

  • OSHA Training
  • Employee Screening & Assessments
  • Additional training & Certifications
  • Transportation to/from Job Sites
  • Job Safety Inspections
  • Daily Pay
  • Workers Comp Insurance, and more!

Our services are curated to enhance the entire hiring process for companies, employers, and prospect candidates, alike. Hiring construction workers in a high-demand environment like Florida is never easy, but with Labor For Hire on your side, you’ll connect with the right people immediately. Contact us today to learn more. 

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