Construction Jobs for All Skill Levels

Construction Jobs for All Skill Levels

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A February 2023 report from the U.S. Department of Labor found that the number of construction job openings available jumped by 129,000 people. Those numbers have only continued to go up, too. Unlike almost every other industry in the United States, construction is growing fast. 
Whether you’ve been in the industry for some time or you’re just getting started, learning to connect with companies working on how to find construction workers to fill their empty spots is an absolute must. Where do you go to find the right jobs? This quick guide can help you connect with the right jobs, no matter what your skill level. 

Talk to Your Network

The best thing you can do for yourself is to talk to friends and former colleagues about how to connect withDownload a Checklist for Hiring a Labor Staffing Agency | Labor for Hire construction professionals who are looking to hire others. Let them know exactly what your career goals are, and see who can help you get started in the field. In many cases, you’ll be able to find someone who may be able to introduce you to someone else who can help you connect with the right professionals in the field. 

Attend Job Fairs

Job fairs are often huge events that host lots of different kinds of employers with various openings, including construction companies. While many people who are looking for construction work tend to shy away from these events, you should absolutely attend! There’s no better way to build a tradesman-employee connect than at one of these fairs. 

You’ll have the chance to network with many different employers at these fairs, which greatly increases your chances of finding a good prospect, no matter what your skill level may be. What’s more, though, is that every employer in attendance is ready to meet potential hires. If you’re just calling construction companies to find someone to hire you, you’re going to find far less reception than you might at one of these fairs.

It also helps you network with construction professionals. That means that even if you don’t find a job at the fair, you will find many others who can help you find a job or the right skill training opportunity in the near future. 

Just remember to dress professionally and come with copies of your resume. Be ready for an on-the-spot interview!

Pair with a Construction Temp Agency

A construction temp agency recruits people just like you to fill openings from employers who contact them. They can help you find career opportunities that fit your current skill level and area of expertise. 

They work to fill all kinds of roles including full-time and part time positions. They’ll help you develop both your resume and your skills to ensure your find a team with whom you can work. The benefits here are enormous. You could have a job in as little as a week when you work with a temp agency that specializes in construction jobs. 

What’s more, though, is that the job you get could easily turn into full time, permanent work, and that will absolutely help you build your resume. 

Building Your Job Skills

Even if you find a contractor hiring individuals at your skill level, though, you may still be at a hiring disadvantage if you haven’t taken the time to build your job skills. There are several different ways to build your skills to help you look more attractive to the right employer.

Physical Strength: 

It’s no surprise that the best construction workers are those who can tackle physically demanding tasks day after day. Even skilled professionals like masons have to be ready to tackle tough work. Spend some time in the gym. Learn the best postures and forms to do the job ahead of you. Take an OSHA safety training course to learn how you can prevent injury while you’re on the job. 

Building Knowledge: 

Just as important as your ability to physically work hard on the job is your ability to put your mental skills to the test. Learn the key skills you’ll need for any employer. There are lots of different training programs that will help you build your skills in almost any area, including apprenticeship programs that will pay you to train on the job. Consider taking advantage of those opportunities so that when you find the right contractor to work with, you’ll be able to demonstrate your mastery of a number of different skill areas.

Develop Teamwork Skills: 

More than anything else, contractors are looking for individuals who are a good addition to their team, and believe it or not, you can actually develop your teamwork skills the same way you can your physicality or knowledge. Start by knowing exactly what your role is on the team and what’s expected of you. Then understand how you fit into the bigger picture. Spend some time getting to know your team members and get comfortable with getting both positive and negative feedback from them. The more you use that feedback to develop who you are as a member of the team, the stronger position you put yourself in. Remember to be flexible. Construction projects change fast, and you have to be ready to change with them. 

The Perfect Construction Job is Out There! We Can Help You Find It

At Labor for Hire, we work with construction workers at every skill level to find the right job. We are the temporary construction staffing agency to know, as we work with hundreds of construction teams across Florida. Let us help you find your perfect opportunity. Contact us today to learn more.