Where to Find Construction Laborers Looking for Work

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It can be difficult to find construction laborers in a timely manner. There are fewer young workers entering the industry, and it can take extra work to find quality hires. The demand hasn't changed, but the supply of laborers has. Expand how you look for laborers:

Staffing Agencies

Staffing agencies that specialize in construction and industrial labor will always have a strong pool of construction labor workers available. Acting as a human resources service for construction companies is a large part of their business, after all. This requires them to constantly have a number of people ready to work within a few days' or hours time.

The added benefit here is that temporary labor agencies will also check references, background information, and training and certifications for you. They'll also handle the administrative side of hiring, getting forms signed, and payment factors in order.

Former Employees

One-third of employees return to a previous employer for more work, and satisfied people are more likely to recommend others. Send them an email about a job and ask if they know anyone interested. Even if they're not in a position to return, chances are they know someone in the industry looking for work.

Industry Job Boards

Look for more specialized boards that are frequented by construction labor contractors. They don't get the traffic of more general boards, but they will get the traffic that's actually qualified for the positions you're filling.

Referral Program

Your current employees have networks where they can find construction laborers quickly. Start a referral program. This gives employees an incentive to recommend new hires when you need them. They get a bonus if you hire their referral. This turns your employees into recruiters within their own networks.

Job Fairs

Job fairs at trade schools and large universities are still the places where you'll get the best response. You'll get a lot of interest, but not all of it will follow through. This means you're looking for numbers. You'll probably churn through a lot of passing interest, but the more you churn through the more serious applicants will turn up.

If you need to find construction laborers, let us know! We can help.


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