Skilled Construction Workers: Key to Business Success

Skilled Construction Workers: Key to Business Success

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Construction is one of the single biggest contributors to the economy. Nearly 7.8 million people work in this industry, and billions of dollars of properties are created and developed every single year. In fact, there are almost 753,000 construction companies across the United States today. How can you set your company apart from others and build the foundation for success? Find construction workers who are skilled and knowledgeable and can help you grow your company. 

Why Your Team Matters

If you work in construction, your people are everything. If you have a good team around you, you’re going to be able to finish a project far more effectively than you ever would otherwise. 

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Collaboration is nothing short of essential on a construction site, and if you build a team of qualified construction workers, you’re going to find individuals who all have different areas of expertise and can work together to enhance any project you take on. 

Construction workers looking for work always appreciate joining a good team. Why does your ability to find construction workers who work together well so important? Check out these benefits.

  • You’ll Get Higher Quality Work: If you actively seek construction workers who have a higher level of expertise, you’re always going to have a better end result. Every single member of your team brings knowledge and skills with them that no one else on your team can match. Working together to reach the same goal means every project will be successful. 
  • You’ll Use Your Resources More Efficiently: You only have so much money, time, and materials to complete a project. If you’re working with a team of skilled construction workers, though, you’ll find those are easily placed and utilized so you don’t have to deal with unanticipated cost overruns or schedule changes. Your team members will actively work to ensure that your projects are done on budget and on time. 
  • You’ll Find More Creativity: Teamwork means that all of you can come up with creative solutions when things get complex, and that means that you’ll always have people working with you to make the best decision possible no matter what the circumstances. You’ll continually innovate together to help position your company to a stronger space in the market. 
  • Everyone is Accountable: Highly qualified team members mean that every single person on your site is both accountable and responsible for the end results. With the right delegation of tasks, everyone will be able to communicate and accomplish their portion of the project because they know exactly what is expected of them. 

Find Construction Workers - Your Role is Essential

While finding the right construction workers to join your team is a must, your role is essential too. Your team members will be looking for a great leader, not a micromanager who is frustrated consistently. Your job is to be a great leader and help your team members find success. 

Remember that leadership is a responsive task. You need to continually respond to the needs of your employees. Don’t shy away from them. Instead, when challenges come up, take the action you need to. Remember, too, that your job is an active one. You need to be as dynamic as possible if you want your team members to follow you. Make the moves necessary so your team members will continually maintain confidence in you and the project ahead. 

Construction Workers Looking For Work - How to Build the Right Team

Every small business has a tough time hiring new employees, but hiring skilled construction workers to fill out your team can be even more complex. How can you make it happen? 

Keep in touch with your former employees. When you need to make a new hire, one of the best options you have is team members who are already familiar with the way you work. Often even after they’ve left you’ll find former employees who want to come back. More than that, though, in many cases, you’ll find employees who are willing to recommend your company to others, especially if you’ve built a positive work environment. 

Connect with other small businesses too! Be sure that you design an eye-catching ad that will help others find you, then ask your local contacts if they’d be willing to hang it on a bulletin board. Construction supply companies are a great place to start, as are local gyms and businesses near your construction site. 

You’ll also want to connect with construction-oriented temp agencies like Labor for Hire. A construction-specific staffing service, Labor for Hire understands your industry better than anyone else does, and they have plenty of individuals who are available for short term contractors. 

Whether you’re looking for a general laborer or something more specific like a masonry professional or an electrician, we can help you fill that position. We offer staff in a variety of different skilled trades, and there are many benefits to working with a team like us. It gives you a chance to test out an employee before you add them to your team. 

It also helps you find the team members you need quickly because construction workers looking for work come to us on a regular basis to connect with new contractors. 

It’s important to remember that it’s not enough to simply post what you need on a job board. One report from the Associated General Contractors of America found that 83% of all construction firms are having a tough time finding the skilled team members they need to fill positions. A better bet, then, is to work with a team that can meet your needs like Labor for Hire. 

Creating a Solid Foundation

Building the right base for your business changes the tone of everything else you do. It determines how well you will perform on client projects and how quickly your company will grow. The only way to build that base, though, is to have the right team around you, and Labor for Hire can help.