How to Find Qualified Skilled Workers

How to Find Qualified Skilled Workers

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A top goal for construction companies? Find skilled workers. Securing talent who brings specific skill sets is no small task. It’s a battle.

The average age of skilled workers is increasing; fewer young skilled workers are entering these areas to replace them as they scale back or retire. A temporary labor agency can help you win the war for talent.

Expanding Your Skilled Laborer Search

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To take just one facet of the industry as an example, the American Welding Society stated that there will be a shortage of 290,000 qualified welders by 2020. This shortage is compounded by the fact that many businesses don't maintain large human resources departments of their own. This is the role a temporary labor agency can fill, making your search easier and more streamlined.

The world runs faster today than it did 30 or 40 years ago; both workers and companies need to find each other more quickly, and more efficiently. Without the right aid to find skilled workers, companies lose contracts and workers lose potential jobs.

Protecting Businesses from Risk

An experienced staffing agency is the link between workers and companies. If you don’t have an HR function, you may be missing out on countless skilled candidates, and hires may be subpar. That puts your company, your reputation, and even your workers' safety at risk. This is one reason we ensure our workers across the board are OSHA-trained and certified, and we offer a range of other training opportunities.

Our goal as a temporary labor agency isn't just to find skilled workers for you. It's to give you access to a far wider and more qualified range of candidates. At the same time, we give temporary employees access to the tools that help them build their careers. It’s a win-win.