Entry Level: How to Get Construction Jobs with Little No Experience

Entry Level: How to Get Construction Jobs with Little No Experience

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You see it all around you: new construction. 

It happens all over the country in every state and every city. A new office building goes up downtown, a new apartment complex is completed nearby, a hospital expands and adds new buildings, additional offices; a shopping strip center is being built on the main thoroughfare you pass every day. There are thousands of construction projects going on right now. You could be working on them.

How do I get a construction job with no experience?

You like working with your hands. Whether you are helping to build a deck in your brother’s backyard or fixing your nephew’s scooter, you’ve always had a knack for hands-on work. Plus, you love working outside. These are skills that you would bring to a construction job.

Construction sites all use something in common – independent contractors and contract labor. 

By using contract labor, a business can keep its labor costs low. Construction jobs are a mix of highly skilled labor, non-skilled labor, and unskilled. Jobs on a construction site that are good for non-skilled and unskilled labor include set up and clean up. There are plenty of entry-level construction jobs. 

A construction expediter helps coordinate materials that are used for the project and ensure that they are where they are needed. While all companies like to have employees with some experience, your life skills experience will help you in that area. Being an effective communicator is going to be one of your greatest skills. So, if you are good at communicating, you’ve got an advantage over your competition.

Most construction jobs require that you have some education. That does not mean you have to have a college degree. That means that you should have completed high school or completed your G.E.D.

One of the best ways to secure a job in the construction field is to get registered with a construction hiring service. They will make sure that you have completed OSHA training as required by law. This safety training is to ensure that on-the-job accidents are kept at a minimum.

If you are looking for an entry level job in the construction field and you don’t have the experience, contact us to learn about employment options for you.

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