The Importance of E-Verify for Construction Companies: Ensuring a Legal Workforce

The Importance of E-Verify for Construction Companies: Ensuring a Legal Workforce

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In today's ever-evolving workforce landscape, construction companies face a myriad of challenges when it comes to hiring both skilled and unskilled labor. Not only are construction companies facing challenges, there are other industries that are becoming E-Verify companies. Among these challenges is the critical task of ensuring that every individual they employ is legally eligible to work in the country. Making it happen, though, is a bit complex.

Enter E-Verify

E-Verify is an electronic verification system designed to simplify the process of determining an employee's eligibility to work in the United States. The importance of E-Verify for companies goes beyond mere compliance with Florida state employment laws. Instead, it is a game-changing solution, revolutionizing the way construction companies verify employment eligibility and ensuring that they bring on board a qualified, law-abiding, and dependable workforce. How does the system work? Who is exempt from E-Verify? This post will help demystify the system and how it can be helpful for your company. 

What is E-Verify?

It may help to first explain exactly what E-Verify is. This is an electronic employment eligibility verification program used in the United States. The Department of Homeland Security works with the Social Security Administration to help E-Verify companies confirm whether potential employees can be legally hired. 

It’s a fairly simple process, too. A prospective hire completes an I-9 form with information like their name, their date of birth, their citizenship status, and their social security number. The employer then enters that into the system, which checks it against various government databases. Real-time results are provided that show whether the potential hire is authorized to work in the United States. If the records don’t match, the employee can address any potential problems or discrepancies and resubmit the form. Once the problems are resolved, employment eligibility is confirmed. 

Who is Exempt from Using E-Verify?

In Florida, certain entities within the construction industry are exempt from using the E-Verify system for employment verification. Who is exempt from using E-Verify? According to state regulations, construction companies that have less than 25 hired employees, or considered "casual labor employers,” or hire subcontractors are exempt from using E-Verify. However, it is crucial for construction companies and their employees to be aware of these exemptions and to stay informed about any potential changes in the law to ensure compliance with employment verification regulations in the state.

  • "Casual labor employers" refer to businesses or individuals who employ workers for short-term or temporary jobs that are irregular or not part of their regular business operations.
  • "Subcontractors" are individuals or companies hired by the main contractor to perform specific tasks or services as part of a larger construction project. They are often responsible for specialized work within the project and work under the supervision of the main contractor.

What are the Advantages of E-Verify? 

There are a number of different benefits employers gain by using the E-Verify system. One of the biggest benefits is the fact that it helps them remain compliant with both federal and state employment law requirements. That helps to reduce the risk of non-compliance penalties. 

Another advantage, though, is that E-Verify offers very fast results, often instantaneous, which means that you can make certain you’re hiring a legal workforce just after your initial qualifying interview. 

The system is also fairly accurate. Before E-Verify, errors often occurred during the verification process, but with E-Verify, that’s less likely than ever to happen, which can reduce the risk of inadvertently hiring individuals who cannot legally work for your company. 

Another advantage to E-Verify companies is that it helps to streamline the record-keeping process, which can help in the event that you ever find yourself in an audit situation. Thanks to the electronic trail it creates, future inquiries will be easy to fulfill. 

Let Labor for Hire Help You Stay Compliant

While E-Verify provides numerous advantages, there are also potential challenges and concerns related to the system, such as data privacy, accuracy issues, and the potential for discrimination during the hiring process. However, the disadvantages are not enough to exempt your company from using the system. Companies that aren’t using it are no longer compliant with state and federal laws which puts your business at risk for penalties and strife consequences. Let Labor for Hire help you remain compliant in all of your hiring processes. Learn more about how we can help when you connect with us today.