Why a Skilled Labor Agency Gets You Hired Quick

Why a Skilled Labor Agency Gets You Hired Quick

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Looking for a job can be a full-time job in and of itself. Not only is the search exciting (for some), but it is also often challenging, frustrating, and time-consuming. From scouring “help wanted” ads and filling in applications and writing resumes, to going to interviews and then waiting for the phone to ring, it can be a truly overwhelming experience. This is especially true when you need to find a job quick. A skilled labor agency, though, can put you on the fast track to fast employment. 

Find a Job Quick

Can you find a job quick? Sure. Can you quickly find the right job, though? If you are looking for the next step in your career, greater flexibility, a good work/life balance, more pay, better conditions, etc., and are not willing or able to compromise when it comes to these factors, then, the answer is far less clear-cut. It takes time to find the right situation for your particular needs – unless you opt to work with a skilled labor agency. Then fast and streamlined is the name of the game.

First, what is a skilled staffing agency? It is a firm that specializes in placing the right people in the right jobs. Many companies in the construction and skilled trades industry rely on these agencies to fill vacancies while achieving far greater efficiencies when it comes to both time and cost.

As a job candidate, you will work with the staffing agency to secure employment that meets your needs. Again, those needs depend on your goals, from wanting to pick up extra seasonal work to building a strong resume and gaining skills in your field with great companies. One of the biggest benefits is that you will have access to positions that are not always (and not even usually) posted online or on other public forums. 

It is important to be aware that you won’t walk into (or call or email!) a skilled staffing agency for the first time and walk out with a job. There are some steps we need to take care of first, including:

  • Interviewing you
  • Learning about your job preferences, history, and skills 
  • Learning about your job and career goals
  • Running thorough background checks which may include drug testing
  • Completing all required paperwork
  • Completing all requisite training (e.g. OSHA)
  • Connecting you with viable employers based on your skills and goals – as well as their needs
  • Completing necessary documents, such as hiring agreements and setting up payment

It sounds like a lot – and it is! But this is what staffing companies specialize in. With reputable partners, their processes are streamlined and fast. And, of course, after you have done the initial “intake,” if you will, still wondering how to find a job quick? It’s as easy as letting us connect you with the right employer – and then getting to work

Compare this to a typical job search. You apply. You may get a few calls back. You interview one place, you interview another and another…. You wait some more. Months can pass in this way. With staffing agencies, you do the application/interview/vetting process once and then you can access jobs that fit your needs from there.

Fast Employment for Career-Building Benefits

There is no reason to become stuck on the hamster wheel of job hunting – running furiously and getting nowhere! Start building your experience, your skills, and your bank account with the right jobs.

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